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Thank you, for your faithful giving.

Giving is a measure of one's love for God, Matthew 6:19-21 teaches that believers should lay up treasures in heaven, for where one's treasure is, there your heart is also. Also, I Timothy 6:17-18 teaches that the rich should have their hopes set on God and be ready to give out of their wealth. 

Giving is also an expression of one's faith. James 2:15-17 teaches that the believers faith becomes useful when it is expressed through works. The work of giving therefore shows one's faith. Philippians 4:15-19 teaches that God is in the business of supplying the needs of the believer.


Lastly, we believe that giving should be done in secret according to Matthew 6:1-4 and that this giving opportunity is to be held as worship from the believer to the Father.

Ways you can donate:


In Person

During every service there is time for worship through giving.



You can give directly online through Pushpay. Right Here



If you'd like to pay through our push pay app, please text "givewoodhaven" to 77977.

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